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Fluz Cash Back Terms of Use

1. User Rewards Generally

Fluz may make available to you from time to time through the Service offers on certain third-party products and services (each an “Offer”). When you transact through the Service, you will accumulate rewards in your Fluz account (“Rewards”). Each Offer may be subject to Additional Terms and may be discontinued by Fluz at any time without notice. At any time and in Fluz’s sole discretion, Fluz may: (i) determine whether or not you are eligible to redeem an Offer; (ii) determine whether or not you have earned Rewards; or (iii) adjust your Rewards total to accurately and fairly reflect the Rewards that you have actually earned. Fluz may, in its sole discretion, deduct from your Fluz account any Rewards that Fluz determines you have not earned or you have earned in violation of these Terms. Prior to distribution, Rewards have no monetary value and you may not obtain any cash, money, or anything of value in exchange for your Rewards except as made available by Fluz under Section 6.2.

2. Rewards Redemptions and Minimum Rewards Level

Once you have accumulated at least Twenty Dollars (US $15.00) in Rewards in your Fluz account (the “Minimum Distribution Amount”), you may elect to have Fluz distribute your Rewards via one or more of the available distribution options as shown in the Fluz mobile app. The available distribution options are subject to change without notice to you, in accordance with these Terms, and you have no vested right to any particular form or method of distribution. You may not Redeem any Rewards, and you may not obtain any cash, money, or anything of value in exchange for your Rewards prior to reaching the Minimum Distribution Amount, or if subsequently your Rewards fall below the Minimum Distribution Amount, for as long as your Rewards remain below the Minimum Distribution Amount. For each distribution option made available by Fluz to you through the Service, Fluz displays to you within the Fluz mobile app the Minimum Distribution Amount at any given time, in which case that Minimum Distribution Amount will apply. The Minimum Distribution Amount is subject to change by Fluz at any time. Fluz may, at its sole discretion, limit the amount of Rewards that you can distribute in any given period of time or for any particular transaction. If you elect to close your Fluz account and you have undistributed Rewards that meet or exceed the Minimum Distribution Amount, you will be expected to distribute such Rewards prior to closing your account, and you must distribute those Rewards even if this means you must distribute your Rewards in the payout option with the lowest minimum distribution amount. If your account is terminated by Fluz, and if you fail to properly distribute your Rewards in accordance with these Terms when closing your account, or if at the time of closing you have less than the Minimum Distribution Amount in your account, any rights you have to the Rewards in your account will terminate and you will no longer be eligible to receive a distribution of such Rewards.

3. Third-Party Payment Providers and Rewards Cash-out

Certain distribution options are provided by licensed money transmitters authorized by Fluz to operate in connection with the Services (e.g., PayPal, Inc.) (“Authorized Money Transmitters”) and are subject to additional terms and conditions associated with your account with such Authorized Money Transmitter (the “Payment Provider Terms”). When you elect to distribute Rewards through an Authorized Money Transmitter, you further agree (i) that Fluz is acting as your agent with respect to the payment processing, and (ii) that you are bound by the applicable Payment Provider Terms made available by that Authorized Money Transmitter, as such Payment Provider Terms may be modified by the Authorized Money Transmitter from time to time.

4. Bonuses

From time to time, Fluz may introduce special bonuses or incentives that may be available to you in connection with the Services (“Bonuses”). Such Bonuses may include, for example, a referral bonus to refer others to Fluz, using a personal referral code or URL (“Referral Bonus”). You will not be eligible to earn Referral Bonuses if you invite other users who share the same mobile device or if they create multiple accounts in an effort to earn Referral Bonuses for inviting themselves, or if you publish your personal referral code on a public website, store, or forum for the purposes of referring people who you do not know personally. You represent and warrant that you will only refer Fluz to those individuals whom you know personally. Such actions violate these Terms of Use and shall be grounds for Fluz to terminate your account, rescind any Referral Bonuses, reverse or correct user Rewards balances, or take other actions as appropriate. Where you cannot produce examples of how you made referrals, including screenshots of where you made referrals, Fluz reserves the right to decline to award to you Referral Bonuses, rescind Bonuses, demand repayment of Rewards credited, or take other remedial actions.

5. Taxes

Depending on applicable federal, state, and local tax laws, your distribution of Rewards may be subject to taxes. You will be solely responsible for any and all tax liability arising out of your distribution of Rewards and you agree to provide Fluz with information Fluz requests in connection with applicable federal, state, and local tax laws. You are solely responsible for any tax liability (including fees, penalties or fines) incurred by Fluz as a result of your action or inaction in connection with the foregoing (including your failure to provide Fluz with information). You agree that Fluz is authorized to offset such tax liability from your Rewards.

6. Account Maintenance Fees

There are costs associated with the creation and maintenance of your Fluz account, and those costs are covered by the fees Fluz earns when you transact. No Account Maintenance Fees will be charged or deducted from your account.

7. Escheatment

Under applicable state law, property which is presumed abandoned may under certain circumstances escheat to the applicable state after a certain amount of time, as determined by the law applicable in the state in which you reside (or of your last-known state of residence). You accept and agree that any amounts that remain in your Fluz account after such statutory period will be reported to your state of residence as unclaimed property, and Fluz may be required to escheat any funds remaining in your Fluz account to your last-known state of residence. Fluz shall have no liability to you, your respective heirs, legal representatives, successors and assigns, or any other party, should any or all of the remaining funds in your Fluz account escheat by operation of law.

8. Rewards Ownership

Rewards provided by Fluz are owned exclusively by Fluz as a rebate on members transactions. The reward balance displayed to members in their Fluz mobile application is a representation of the rebates funds allocated to you. Fluz retains all rights to those funds and reserves the right to adjust the rewards balance at any time. Fluz reserves the rights to hold or reclaim any rewards as listed in the members.

9. Termination

Fluz may limit, suspend or terminate your ability to participate in a Fluz Rewards Program in its sole and absolute discretion, and may void any Rewards or potential Rewards you may have earned or accumulated in any Fluz Rewards Program, if we determine in our sole discretion that you have not complied with these Terms, the Terms of Use or any Additional Terms applicable to such participation. You agree to abide by the final and binding decisions of Fluz regarding any Fluz Rewards Program and your participation in it. We reserve the right to change, suspend, or cancel all or a portion of a Fluz Rewards Program, including any Rewards you may have accrued, at any time without prior notice to you. Upon termination or discontinuance of any Program(s), unused or unredeemed Rewards associated with such Program(s) may immediately and automatically expire and may not be redeemable on the App or otherwise.

10. Non-Transferability

Fluz Rewards are for promotional purposes only, and they is not transferable and cannot be bought, sold, gifted or applied to any other account. Fluz Rewards is for the benefit only of the Member who has earned those Rewards in accordance with the relevant Program. Rewards are not a gift card. If your Member account is closed for violating our Terms of Use or these Rewards Terms of Use, you may lose access to your Rewards and may no longer be able to redeem your Rewards on Fluz.

11. Changes

The most current version of the Fluz Rewards Terms will be posted to the App. Changes to the Fluz Rewads Terms will be effective upon posting to the App, unless otherwise required by applicable law. At our sole discretion, we may also inform you of changes to the Fluz Rewards Terms via email and/or in-app notifications. If you do not agree to the changes to the Fluz Rewards Terms, you should stop using your Member account and the App functionality related to Rewards. Your continued use of the App or Member account constitutes your acceptance of and agreement to be bound by the updated Fluz Rewards Terms.

12. Service Credits & Returns

Rewards earned via purchases on Fluz will be rescinded in the event that such purchase transaction is refunded or cancelled for any reason. If you earn Rewads with a purchase transaction that is later refunded or cancelled, and you have already redeemed or withdrawn the Rewads earned for that purchase transaction, Fluz may do any combination of the following: (a) cancel the transaction, (b) interrupt delivery of any gift cards, (c) withhold subsequent Rewards awards, (d) refund the transaction amount less Rewards redeemed or withdrawn, or (e) deduct funds from your Member account, which may result in a negative balance in your Member account. Furthermore, Fluz reserves the right to deduct future awards of Fluz Rewads from your Member account to satisfy any amount you may otherwise owe Fluz under the Terms of Use or the Fluz Rewads Terms. Alternatively, Fluz reserves the right to suspend your Member account until it is brought current.

13. Claims

Rewards provided under this Section are provided solely by Fluz and not underwritten, sponsored, or provided by any other third-party, including Fluz’s brand and merchant partners. By accepting these Terms of Use you agree not to seek Rewards or make any claims for Rewards against third-party providers, merchants or manufacturers of products and services. You agree that Fluz may transfer and/or assign its rights and obligations under these Terms of Use at any time.