Can I activate offers with my available cash back balance?

Yes, you can apply your existing Fluz cash back balance to buy from selected retailers from within the app.

Within the app, simply navigate to a merchant that accepts Fluzpay, and select the checkbox that says “Apply Available Cash Back Balance.”

It is not currently possible to make a partial payment with your existing cash back balance. If you do not have enough cash back in your account to cover the full amount you need, you will need to make a separate Fluzpay voucher purchase with your credit / credit-approved debit card. 

Please note that Easyswipe offers are not available for this type of transaction, and Fluzpay is the only method that is currently applicable for spending your accumulated in-app earnings at this time.

Fluz is not a direct seller/re-seller of any retailers merchandise. We only provide the means to make a payment with our approved partner merchants, and provide cash back for doing so.

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