Can I use Easyswipe multiple times at the same location within a short amount of time?

No, Easyswipe offers have a “cooldown” period from when they are first used. This cooldown period will most commonly reset at the very start of the next day (12:00 am in the time zone of the user) regardless of when the offer was activated. For example, if you took advantage of an Easyswipe offer at 8:00 pm, then you would not be able to use Easyswipe at that specific location again until 4 hours later, at the start of the next day.

This cooldown period will be displayed within the app, making it simple for you to see when you will be able to activate an Easyswipe at that location again. This cooldown will also apply to any other cards you have linked, so having several cards linked will not be a viable method to get around the cooldown period.

Please note that if you would like to use Fluzpay to make another purchase at that location, then you will be able to do so without limitation so long as that merchant also accepts Fluzpay as a payment method.

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