Can I use other cash back apps in conjunction with Fluz so I can earn even more rewards?

Yes, you can.

There are several other cash back apps that mesh with the Fluz Rewards app at this time. Using this approach of “app bundling” is one of the best methods for shoppers that really want to earn as much back as possible from the purchasing they do. 

For example, the receipt scanning app Ibotta can be used after you make a purchase with Fluzpay or Fluz Card Linked offers, earning you rewards from both apps.

Ebates is another cash back platform that we know can work alongside Fluz, allowing you to earn additional rewards. Simply purchase a Fluzpay voucher first, then use Ebates to locate the online merchant you wish to shop with and select “gift card” at check out to pay using your Fluzpay balance.

Fluz loves earning our member’s as much money as possible!

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