How can I get a Founder’s Node?

There are two primary ways that you can obtain a Founder’s Node:
1) Purchasing through the Fluz exchange.2) Winning the right to purchase a Founder’s Node through our monthly raffle.

The “Fluz exchange” will be a section on our website where users will be able to purchase a Founder’s Node from users that own one, if they wish to sell. It will be sold along with its associated network, and the new owner will inherit the earning power of the existing network attached to that Founder’s Node.

The monthly raffle will be the second way to obtain a Founder’s Node. While a large portion of the 16,383 Founder’s Nodes were assigned before the launch of Fluz, some seats were reserved to be given away later. Fluz will be hosting this monthly raffle which will allow anyone the chance to win the right to purchase one of these reserved Founder’s Nodes, along with any cash back that the Founder’s Node has earned throughout the duration of its existence.

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