How do I process a Fluzpay transaction inside a store?

First you will need to locate the merchant you would like to make a purchase from by navigating to their landing page from within the “Shop” tab on the app. Once you have purchased the desired balance of Fluzpay credits, you will see a barcode pop up on your screen along with some numbers. In most cases, the barcode will be easily scannable by the barcode scanner or cashier, which will automatically deduct the required amount for the purchase without any other actions taken. 

In some cases, the retailers POS terminal might not support Fluzpay barcode scanning. In these instances, you will need to manually type in the code or read it off to the cashier for them to type it in. 

If you have an existing Fluzpay balance that you would like to apply to the purchase, navigate to the “wallet” section within the app located at the top right. There you will see a tab that when clicked will show you your past purchases. Tap the corresponding transaction that you made for that merchant to pull up the Fluzpay voucher, allowing you to perform the above actions and pay for your items. 

Please view the terms and conditions for the specific retailer to see which ones allow in-store barcode scanning, and which retailers do not. 

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