How do I remove my card from the old cash back program I was using so that it can be activated on Fluz?

In order to link your bank card within the Fluz app and have it properly track your purchases, you need to first remove it from any other cash back apps that you were previously using. Failure to do this will result in an error when Fluz attempts to reward you for your Easyswipe purchase, and you will not earn any cash back until you follow these steps.

1) Log into the old cash back app you were using, and navigate to your account settings. 

2) Once you are in the account settings page, locate and click the tab where you can view information on the bank cards you have stored within your old cash back app.

3) Find the card(s) that you would like to activate on your Fluz app, and tap it to see more options. 

4) From here you can manage the settings for this individual card by tapping “Manage Card Settings.” Please note that if you would like to switch multiple cards from your old cash back app over to the Fluz rewards app, that you will need to complete this action for each specific card. 

5) Tap “Disable Cash Back.”

6) Wait for a pop-up message asking “Are you sure?” then tap “Remove.” 

7) You will be brought back to the “Credit & Debit Cards” account detail section. Please double check to make sure all of your cards have been removed from this screen. 


Once you have verified that your card(s) has been removed from your old cash back app, make sure you register them within the Fluz app to start earning. The above steps are a very simple process that will ensure you can make the most of your Fluz earning experience. We highly recommend linking all of your cards to Fluz so that you don’t have to worry about using a specific card while you are shopping. If you would like more info on how to link your cards within the Fluz app, you can read this article here.

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