How do I invite others?

Learning how to invite efficiently is crucial if you want to make the most money using Fluz. Below you will find the steps outlining all the different ways you can refer your friends, family, or anyone else you think may enjoy earning with our app.

Once you have registered to the app and have arrived at the home screen, tap “GROW YOUR NETWORK”

You will then be brought to a screen that displays 3 options to invite to your network.


Start by tapping on the first button “INVITE YOUR PHONE CONTACTS.”

You will be asked permission for the Fluz app to view your contacts. Once you press “Allow” you will see all of your contacts displayed within the app.

Simply tap “ADD” to select 1 or more of the people in the list and then click “SEND INVITES” to dispatch a download link to your selected contacts. This download link will automatically track your referral without any need to enter a specific code by the new member

Alternatively, you can hit “SELECT ALL” and send an invite to all of the contacts in the list. The search function is also helpful if you would like to send an invite to a specific person without having to scroll through the entire list.

You can also invite through your social media accounts by tapping the second button “SOCIAL NETWORK & MESSENGER.” After clicking, you will see a pop-up that will allow you to select any of the social media platforms you have installed on your phone. Select your preferred platform and you will be able to select your contacts to send an invitation to.

The third option to invite is by simply tapping “GET MY REFERRAL URL.” You will be brought to a new screen where you will be presented with your unique referral link. Simply tap “COPY” and you can then paste it into and send your link through whichever medium you would like.

Tips Section:

1. It’s great to invite your whole contact list and we strongly encourage you to do so. However, it helps to focus on a few friends and/or family who will be most receptive to the idea of Fluz. After you send them a referral link, encourage them to check out our website.

2. Fluz also finds that the following selling points help convince people of the benefits of Fluz.

– In addition to earning on your own purchases, you receive cash back from every purchase someone in your network makes. People with big networks can make thousands of dollars monthly.

– Fluz has tons of merchants, both big and small. Everything from major retailers to local restaurants, so you won’t have to change your shopping habits to earn cash back from your own purchases.

– If people say Fluz sounds like MLM, you can say that “Fluz has all benefits of MLM, without the downsides. There are no fees, break-even points, direct sales and your co-op will grow even if you don’t invite.” You can also refer to this article to see a more in-depth explanation of why Fluz is not an MLM. 

3. Most of all, use your own voice, and convince your friends and family with genuine enthusiasm based on what attracted you to Fluz in the first place. You know your friends and family better than we do.

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