I am having trouble linking my card, what should I do?

Always ensure that you have updated to the latest Fluz app build. Click here on how to update your Fluz App.

The Fluz app links to any Debit Card or Credit Card with Visa, MasterCard and American Express logos on it. Once a card is linked/connected, it’s associated with your specific account. You can unlink it, but the same card cannot be linked to another Fluz App account — like for your spouse or child.  This prevents fraud and protects the network.  However, you can always add it back to your account if you would like.  

Other instances as to why you cannot link a card may be due to one of the following:

1. The Fluz app does not link to Prepaid Cards, Department Store Cards, gift cards or PayPal cards.

2. The name in your account profile is different from the name on your card. Please try to update your profile name to reflect the name on your card(s).

To update your Profile Name:

  • Tap the “More” button at the bottom right of your screen.   
  • Tap the details you want to change.
  • Update your User Name to reflect the name on your card(s).
  • Tap “Update.”

Once finished with the profile update, try to link your credit cards again. Make sure to enter the correct CVV and ZIP code.

1. Your CVV may be incorrect.

2. Your Zip Code may be wrong. If you’ve recently moved, try your old zip code.

3. Cards with the same account number cannot be linked to two different Fluz accounts (joint bank account) – Since we can only pay out cash awards once on any transaction, we cannot support multiple Fluz accounts associated with the same card number. This includes any instance of a card with an authorized user—although the names on the cards may be different, if the card number is the same, it can only be associated with a single members account.  Our recommendation is to reach out to your bank or the credit card company to see if you can get cards with separate numbers. This may work with some banks/credit card companies but not others.

Once you link your card(s), please allow a day or two to ensure they have been registered with the Fluz network. Before this time, any Easyswipe purchases may result in not receiving your cash back for that offer.

In addition, if you’re using your debit card, you must select the option to process it as credit instead of debit (do not use your PIN #) to receive your cash back. Otherwise, the transaction goes directly to your bank and not the credit card companies that we are linked with (Visa, MasterCard and American Express). We track your cash backs through your credit card transactions, not your bank transactions.

Make sure you always use your debit card as a credit card.  

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