I used my debit card and did not get cash back. What should I do?

Using a debit card without processing as a credit transaction will result in a No Cash Back situation. To ensure you will receive cash back with your Fluz connected debit card(s), read these tips:

1. Swipe your debit card like a credit card (do not use pin number) to receive your cash back. Otherwise, the transaction goes directly to your bank and not the credit card companies we’re linked with (Visa, Master Card and AmEx).

2. If the chip reader is used, it will force a debit to your bank instead of a credit card transaction.

Steps to get cash back:

1. Click Here.

2. Type “Didn’t Receive Cash Back” at the top.

3. Attach an image of your receipt.

4. We will review each instance and get you your cash back, but users that abuse this feature may face account restrictions.

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