If I am enrolled in a different 3rd party cash back program, am I still able to link the same card within the Fluz app and earn rewards with Easyswipe?

No, if you have a specific debit/credit card enrolled in another 3rd party program, you will either need to remove that particular card from the other cash back platform, or register a card from a different account entirely in order to earn Easyswipe rewards from Fluz.

If you fail to remove your card from the previous 3rd party cash back platform you were using, purchases made with Easyswipe with that card will not be tracked by Fluz, and you will not earn a reward from us when making otherwise qualified purchases.

*3rd party cash back programs refer to platforms that are not native to your credit card. These 3rd party programs will require you to enroll your card into their program on your own accord.

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