Is Fluz a Ponzi / pyramid scheme?

No, Fluz is not a Ponzi or pyramid scheme. The rewards are 100% sustainable even if no new members are joining.

A Ponzi Scheme is an illegal way of tricking people into thinking they are members of a legitimate investment group. In reality, new users getting into the system are paying out the old users. When no more new users can be found, the system will crash with most people losing money.

A pyramid scheme is very similar, however, everyone in the pyramid is aware that there is no underlying tech or value behind the project. The members of this type of illegal project know that they will only be paid out if they can find people to continue to join and pay a large membership fee; and when no more fresh members can be found they will crash, with many people losing money as well.

The value-creating tech behind the Fluz model is very real, it is quite easy to see how and where the money comes from. We do not rely on new members to keep generating payouts, as we have a tangible method of creating value without sign up fees. The network will also stay alive and keep creating value long after the last person has joined. The only requirement to keep the network alive is the regular everyday consumption that each one of us does every single day.

Another big reason why we are neither of the above-mentioned scams is that it does not matter when you joined the project. It doesn’t matter if you own an older seat and have been in the network since day one, or a seat in layer 10, or even layer 20 and you joined a year after the first members. Any one of these seats not only has the potential to reach a full capacity of 65k people, but you can even earn more per month as a later joiner than you can as someone that joined early, and you can earn it faster too.

For example, someone with a seat in layer 15 might not want to refer people. They are just fine letting the autofill mechanism populate their personal network, even though it might go a little slow. Let’s say it has been 2 years and they have 15,000 people who have been auto placed below them and are making $1,000 per month.

As another example we can imagine is someone who just joined 6 months ago and got placed on layer 25 (further away from the core of the structure); but they are active and aggressive in acquiring people in their network. They make sure the first two people they invite are those with many potential connections they can make (like their pastor, or their best friend who is the leader of her college sorority, etc). They are also constantly posting their referral link on social media, and perhaps they have even spent a few weekends in front of Best Buy talking to random strangers about how much they can save if they use Fluz…Through the compounding growth effect of having those new recruits also invite people, this person grew their network to over 20,000 in that 6 month time frame, and is making $1,500 a month.

Another way later joining members can still make more money than earlier joiners is the fact that how much each individual seat earns, is in direct relation to how much consumption and spending that seats direct network spends. If there was an individual that was one the first joiners, but their network is filled with people who don’t use the app much, or don’t have much income, they could earn less than someone that joined later but has people in their network that have a higher monthly spend amount and are very good about using the app.

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