What if I didn’t get cash back from an Easyswipe offer?

There could be several reasons why a No Cash Back situation occurred. The most common instances are as follows:

1. You must make your purchase with a card that is linked to your Fluz wallet.

2. If you’re using your debit card, you must swipe it like a credit card (do not use your PIN #) to receive your cash back. Otherwise, the transaction goes directly to your bank and not the credit card companies that we are linked with (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). This is a known “no cash back” instance in the industry and not isolated only to Fluz. We track your cash backs through your credit card transactions, not your bank transactions.

3. You linked your credit card and immediately tried to use it for a Nearby offer. Once you link your credit card, it usually takes about 24 hours to register with our credit card partners. Then you’ll be able to start earning cash back.

4. A merchant’s credit card processing device will sometimes read the chip on the card and will force a Debit card transaction which we have no control of this instance. You must open a support ticket and send us an image of your receipt to receive cash back.

5. The offer may not have been valid at the time of purchase.

6. The offer may not be available to all locations the business has.

7. The card linked to your Fluz app may have expired.

8. A merchant / business has made a switch to a different credit card processor, and we were unaware of this change. Once we are aware of this issue, we work with the credit card companies to map the new Easyswipe path to the business address and the offer.

9. If the offer is one of our national brands,

– The business may have failed to add that specific location to the offer.

– The business depleted their Fluz marketing budget — which automatically sets their offer to an inactive state. No offer redemptions can take place until the marketing budget has been replenished.

If you feel there is a further issue not listed, please contact us so we can assist

1. Click here to submit a ticket.

2. Write “Didn’t receive cash back at the top.

3. Attach a screenshot / picture of your receipt.

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