What happens when I exchange items that I purchased with Easyswipe?

The exact outcome when you exchange items that you purchased through Easyswipe offers will vary on a merchant by merchant basis. There are three main scenarios which could take place when making an exchange.

1. The merchant can simply trade the items for you. Nothing will change within your Fluz cash back wallet if the items are the same price.

2. If there is a difference in price between the item you are returning and the item you are receiving, then the merchant will either issue a partial refund or ask you to pay the difference. If there is a partial refund, then Fluz will deduct from your cash back accordingly. If you need to make an additional payment and you again choose to use Fluz, then you will earn even more cash back on the purchase.

3. The merchant also might issue a full refund for the exchange, and immediately ring up an entirely new transaction. In this case you will need to request that the merchant lets you pay with Easyswipe again, or else you will see your cash back deducted from your account even though you did not actually return the item.

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