What is a Founder’s Node?

A “Founder’s Node” is a fixed position in the network created for the Fluzzers that helped fund the initial development and launch of the application. In total 16,383 spots in the network were segmented as Founder’s Nodes. A Founder’s Node has the same exact earning potential as a network seat, and will have the same limitation as far as having 65k in-app connections.

The main difference between a Founder’s Node and a network seat, is that the owner of a Founder’s Node does not need to invite 2 people in order to start earning from the network, and they do not need to complete the Network Reward Challenges to unlock higher earning potential from their network. While the maximum number of connections is the same irrespective of seat type, Founder’s Nodes will theoretically reach that maximum at a quicker rate due to their positioning near the core of the network web structure.

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