What is “Fluzpay” and how does it work?

Fluzpay is a method of payment that you can employ to earn cash back rewards through participating Fluz merchants. You can load your Fluzpay balance within the app by clicking into the merchant that you would like to shop with, and either type in the exact amount that is desired, or select one of the several predetermined amounts displayed.

It is important to note that a balance of Fluzpay is only good for the specific merchant that it was originally purchased for. For example, if you have a $20 Fluzpay balance at Chipotle, you are able to use that balance at any Chipotle nationwide, however, you would need to have a separate Fluzpay balance specific to Taco Bell if you wanted to eat there instead.

The loading of your Fluzpay balance can be done at any time before or during the purchase. For instance, you could buy Fluzpay credits several days or weeks before you even visit a store so that the Fluzpay credits are ready to go at a moment’s notice. Alternatively, Fluzpay is flexible enough that it can be used right at the register when a user is checking out. This is where the functionality allowing exact dollar amounts will prove convenient to users. Fluzpay will in most cases also have the added ability to be spendable online with respective retailers by selecting gift card payment and entering the unique Fluzpay code at checkout.

Merchant Specific Terms and Conditions regarding Fluzpay will vary and should be viewed on the landing page for that merchant within the app.


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