When my cash back balance has been confirmed, how soon can I cash out?

Depending on the method that you choose to make a purchase, the cash back you have earned can either be instantly confirmed and deposited, or might require some time to clear (which will be viewable in your account through a  pending status).

In any case, the minute your earned rewards move from pending to confirmed, then you can start the withdrawal process and Fluz will initiate a transfer to you pre-determined personal account. Depending on the method you choose to receive your money,  the processing times can differ and will have an impact on how quickly you receive your funds in hand.

For personal account(s) where you wish to receive your Fluz cash back rewards, take note that after adding a new account, you will not be able to send your Fluz cash back rewards for two (2) business days after you initially add the account. This is to allow time for Fluz to check the validity of any new accounts added. 

Also please note that the minimum cash out amount is $26.00.

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