Why is my Easyswipe cash back displayed as “Pending” within the Fluz app?

Easyswipe transactions will in most cases display as “pending” for 24 hours as they clear the payment processing center. Once your transaction has been confirmed through the credit network, you will see your cash back funds moving from a “pending” status, to “available” within the wallet portion of your app. 

In some instances, the cash back can remain in a pending status for up to 7 days. This typically will mean that the credit processor is having difficulties processing your payment. As soon as the payment has completed processing, it will move into an “available” status and can be withdrawn by you.

In the case that the credit processing agency cannot approve the transaction after 7 days, then that cash back will not move from “pending” to “available,” and you will not receive cash back from that purchase. 

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