Three Easy Ways to Earn Rewards


Easy Swipe


Fluzpay: Earn Before You Shop

Link your credit card to the app
Shop in-store or online at any participating merchant
Use the Quick Pay option or enter the exact store value
Present or type the instant Fluzpay code at checkout
Immediately earn automatic cash back from your purchases

EasySwipe: Earn as You Shop

Connect your credit card to Fluz
Find a participating nearby in-store merchant
Use the linked credit card to make your in-store purchase
Transaction and cash back are confirmed via
push notification

Network: Earn When Others Shop

Connect your credit card to Fluz
Invite friends to join your Fluz network
Receive a reward when your invited friends spend
a certain amount
Earn a percentage of cash back from their in-store and online purchases
Grow your network to increase earnings and
passive income


Number of downstream fluzzers

Average spending from your network (monthly)

Average personal spending (monthly)

Estimated monthly income:


Versus other cash back apps:


*this calculator shows an estimate based on an expectation for a Fluzzer's average consumption in each spending category at the time of writing, it is not a guarantee of any kind. The actual cash back you receive may vary from the estimate based on the categories you and the Fluzzers in your network actually spend on. For example, restaurants might yield a higher cash back than rideshares. The income your earn from other cash back apps might also differ from the estimate provided.

How the Network Works

What separates Fluz from other cashback apps is our collective digital network. By inviting users to join the app you’ll be able to receive cash back from their purchases.

Plus Bonuses

The Fluz App has Challenges and Leaderboards to give you extra cash bonuses when you achieve a certain amount of invites. Challenges are your personal goals while the Leadership Boards will be refreshed regularly meaning you get more ways to earn rewards.

Cash Out At Any Time

Unlike other cash back apps Fluz doesn’t regulate when you receive your payouts. Once you reach $26 in rewards, you can cash out anytime, anywhere. Enjoy your money, your way!

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