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Araminta Robertson

Araminta Robertson: Content Strategy.   Araminta Robertson is a freelance content marketer and Mint Studios is me and a team of writers who help fintech companies reach and acquire customers online...
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Eric Rosenberg

Eric Rosenberg: Personal Profitability.  Eric Rosenberg has a strong background in banking, corporate finance, and accounting. My side hustles and educational background came together in 2016, when I took my business...
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Jannese Torres-Rodriguez

Jannese: Yo Quiero Dinero Podcast.  Jannese Torres-Rodriguez is a nationally-acclaimed Latina Money Expert, Educator, Speaker, Writer and Business/Wealth Coach. The following Financial Spotlight Interview was conducted via email correspondence. For...
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Brittan Leiser

Brittan Leiser: Financial Advisor.  Brittan L. is a Financial Advisor in Cleveland, Ohio who specializes in working with busy female professionals. Brittan created SavviHer after recognizing that women often felt...
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Aisha Taylor

Aisha Taylor: Founder of FNPhenomenal.  My name is Aisha Taylor. I am a single mom of twins. I have a corporate finance background and am the Founder of FNPhenomenal.  FNPhenomenal is...
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Kush Tripathi

Kush Tripathi: Pre-Doctoral Research Scholar.  I am a researcher in neuroscience at Boston Children's Hospital. I also love creating content and distributing it around to spread awareness. I care about...
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