How a side project turned into a full blown company.

By January 26, 2022 January 2022

“It’s funny because Fluz was a side project to my main business at the time, and at a certain point, I was faced with a tough decision—keep Fluz as a side project or focus and build more on it?”

Did you know that Fluz isn’t supposed to be what it is right now? A few years ago, one deal changed everything for Fluz and the rest is history.

Recently, Maurice Harary went on a one-on-one with another CEO and thought leader, Adam Mendler, to take a deep dive into how to create a flourishing business like Fluz.

Learn more about Maurice’s top three tips to jumpstart your ideas into booming startups.

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Aside from being the CEO of the Veloz Group where he oversees ventures across multiple industry verticals, Adam Mendler is a renowned figure in the business world, where explores insights and stories from America’s most successful figures.