The Sister Project Complimenting The Fluz Cash Back Rewards Platform

The Fluz family has introduced “Fluzcoin,” an intelligent retail currency, solving the four main issues associated with cryptocurrencies: transaction speed, transaction cost, KYC compliance, and excess volatility. Fluzcoin thereby creates a true digital retail currency, ready for mass adoption. Along with the cash back & passive income app already in the works, Fluzcoin will help engender an entire retail-oriented ecosystem throughout the modern world.

The long-term plan is to integrate Fluzcoin into the Fluz cash back app, allowing members to purchase offers and earn their cash back in Fluzcoin, if they would like to do so. This will increase the adoption rate of both platforms, and members that accept Fluzcoin as their preferred method to receive cash back will have the opportunity to further their earnings through the staking rewards inherent within the Fluzcoin ecosystem.

This additional facet of the Fluz economy will really spur adoption of the Fluz brand and make us a trusted name among all your favorite merchants that much quicker. More information and the ability to sign up for the ICO whitelist can be found on the Fluzcoin website, and those wishing to ask any questions can do so on the official Fluzcoin Telegram.



Team Fluz