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Douglas Braun Joins Fluz Board of Advisors

Fluz is very excited to announce that yet another network marketing guru has joined the Fluz Advisory board. Douglas Braun brings to the table decades of upper echelon network marketing experience, and is ready to share his knowledge with the Fluz team. Having Doug on our side of the court will mean we have that much more momentum when we start our massive expansion.

Doug has led strategy efforts and created multi-cultural sales, marketing and branding campaigns in over 50 countries as an executive with industry giants such as Herbalife, Nikken International, and USANA Health Sciences. A visionary and energetic leader in both public and private global direct selling organizations, Doug has a history of delivering successful strategies that drive sales.

With the capabilities that Doug brings as a high level business executive, Fluz has a major advantage in our determination to take over all the cash back competitors in the space. He is an extremely well connected and trusted member of the MLM community, and has garnered the trust of many people in that realm. With how flexible and easy the Fluz business model is, it won’t be long before all of his contacts are rushing in the doors to lock in their spots in the best consumer cash back network around.

Michael Rosen Joins Fluz Board of Advisors

We are constantly on the lookout for the brightest minds alive to help us on our journey to bring the Fluz brand onto the global stage. With the latest key addition now happily in the Fluz fold, we have more steam and momentum than ever to push that goal!

Please give a warm welcome to Micheal Rosen, who will be making significant personal commitments analyzing and advising Fluz on how we can become the greatest success the cash back and network marketing industries have ever seen. Michael will be replicating their success in network marketing through our innovative model.

Prior to Micheal’s position as Executive VP of Herbalife, he was the Founder and CEO of Shop Television Network which later became JCPenny Home Shopping Channel, and was later acquired by QVC. Micheal was also the Founder of United Postal Centers and has an extensive history of marketing and business acumen. At Herbalife, he was directly responsible for growing the monthly sales over 30 times in size. He also helped foster the culture and programming that encouraged dedication from all members. Micheal was the sole leader to expand their business to over 50 countries, and he will be helping build similar programs for the Fluz business. He can be quoted to say that he “has never seen anything with as much potential as Fluz in the last 40 years.”

With the expertise that Michael brings as a network marketing mogul, Fluz has a distinct and considerable advantage in our end goal of gaining complete and utter domination over all other cash back competitors. With his potent tactics, Michael has quite literally brought millions of dollars into the pockets of all the best affiliate marketers around. So it is not out of the question that these network marketers will be willing to follow Micheal’s footsteps again, right into the Fluz network.

Fluz USA Launches Private Beta for US Launch

Hey Fluzzers!

It has been nothing short of a highly productive week for us here in Fluz Land. The Private Beta that many of you have been waiting for has arrived! Hundreds of Fluzzers have already been diving deep into it, and have been updating us with comments, suggestions, and most importantly, the occasional bug report.

All of this input will be invaluable to us as we continue to build and update the app. The American consumer is accepting to only the very best and smoothest digital experiences, especially when it comes to phone applications. With our keen community putting the private beta through its paces over the last few days, we now have tons of excellent data that will help us make the Fluz Rewards experience the very best it could possibly be.


We also have some more juicy merchants for you guys and gals too…because its impossible to have too many of those, am I right?!?!

Now anyone using our app to shop can save money at Albertsons when they go get their weekly groceries (fun fact: they have 280000 employees, with a revenue of 60 billion in 2017). We also can give rewards to Fluzzers who want to treat themselves to some fresh seafood at Red Lobster (unlimited cheese biscuits, anyone?), and if you want something rich and tasty to finish off your night of shrimp and lobster, then you can chow down a few sugar glazed doughnuts from Krispy Kream (and only guilt trip yourself about the calories, not the money you spent since the cash back is truly the sweetest thing about it all).

We will have to see what is in store for next week, but for now, you can cruise on over to our Fluz Global Telegram room so you can get all of these delectable updates on the fly, and interact with the admins to ask any questions you may have.

See you there!

Team Fluz

Announcement of Fluzcoin

The Sister Project Complimenting The Fluz Cash Back Rewards Platform

The Fluz family has introduced “Fluzcoin,” an intelligent retail currency, solving the four main issues associated with cryptocurrencies: transaction speed, transaction cost, KYC compliance, and excess volatility. Fluzcoin thereby creates a true digital retail currency, ready for mass adoption. Along with the cash back & passive income app already in the works, Fluzcoin will help engender an entire retail-oriented ecosystem throughout the modern world.

The long-term plan is to integrate Fluzcoin into the Fluz cash back app, allowing members to purchase offers and earn their cash back in Fluzcoin, if they would like to do so. This will increase the adoption rate of both platforms, and members that accept Fluzcoin as their preferred method to receive cash back will have the opportunity to further their earnings through the staking rewards inherent within the Fluzcoin ecosystem.

This additional facet of the Fluz economy will really spur adoption of the Fluz brand and make us a trusted name among all your favorite merchants that much quicker. More information and the ability to sign up for the ICO whitelist can be found on the Fluzcoin website, and those wishing to ask any questions can do so on the official Fluzcoin Telegram.



Team Fluz

Fluz Tokens Trade on Exchanges

Hello Fluzzers,

We are happy to announce that as of now, Feb 27, 2018 Fluz tokens are unlocked and available for transfers and trading on all decentralized exchanges.

You can find the Fluz ED token listing here and IDEX listing here.

As much as we are happy for the token to unlock, we would like to encourage you to be careful with trading and make sure you have enough FLUZ tokens to activate your Premier Seat (10 000 FLUZ for Tier 2 and 20 000 FLUZ for Tier 1)!

Upcoming exchanges:

Recently we have come to an agreement with a large exchange for listing Fluz token in a couple of weeks. Of course, due to signed NDA, we cannot announce the precise day or the name of exchange before the actual day comes. In the upcoming weeks, our team will be running tests and investigation to make sure that the exchange on-boarding process is smooth, safe and without any hiccups. We have several exchanges in the final stages of the agreement so stay tuned for more updates!

Fluz Community Events in NYC

A meetup was held in New York City on February 6th, 2018 to discuss exciting developments, answer questions and absorb feedback directly from the community. This is a constant and rewarding process for both parties as the community members can have a look into our plans directly without intermediaries and we have a chance to get first-hand feedback. Take a look at the video below

Consensus NYC 2018

Were you at the biggest cryptocurrency event ever to take place in history? Consensus sure was a huge hit, and Fluz was eager to get in on some of the action. We had members of the community, including David Addleman, over for an open meeting where they meticulously picked our brains, asked some hard and fast questions, and walked away feeling more confident in Fluz than ever!
We love meeting with our Fluzzers, old and new. There really is nothing like a face-to-face to let everyone know we are legitimate, we are present, and we are not afraid to put our names and reputations behind the Fluz name. So please, at the next community meet and greet, take the time to come speak with us just like all of these wonderful people did.

Keith Teare Joins Fluz Advisory Team

We are excited to announce the newest member to our advisory board, technology entrepreneur and TechCrunch Co-Founder- Keith Teare.

Keith is a well known british Tech-entrepreneur currently residing in Silicon Valley with 20+ years of experience in the field.

He has been involved in numerous projects over the years and was a founder of quite few of them as well- TechCrunch, Easynet and Archimedes Labs just to name a couple.

Currently an Executive Chairman and Chair of the Investment Committee at Accelerated Digital Ventures.

Previously was founder and a partner at Archimedes Labs in Palo Alto, California. Served as chairman of the Board at Minds and Machines Inc (London AIM — MMX), an Advisory Board member at MedCo and also an Advisory Board member at Verisign.

In his bio Keith mentions:

“I love working with founders, teams, designers and engineers to create products, tell stories, and turn them into reality. Archimedes has over 20 companies that I mentor and guide.

I am proud of my work — successes and learning failures alike. I learned a great deal from each. I have had to deal with Investors, boards, partners, customers; advertisers and their agencies, bankers; Governments; Organizations and Institutions. I have served on many boards. I have managed small teams of 2 or 3 and larger teams of over 300.

Above all else, I have been privileged to work with great people whilst doing what I love — making change a positive experience.”

Keith Teare, Fluz Board Advisor

Welcome aboard, Keith! We are looking forward to the future cooperation and your knowledge addition to the project.

Fluz announces ICO

Fluz is an innovative consumer network that allows users to buy digital gift cards from their favorite brands and accrue cash backs on their invited friends’ purchases. The company is now launching an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

Through the ICO of Fluz Tokens (FLUZ), used to activate premier seats in a global consumer network, the company prepares for its operational launch in the United States and its gradual adoption of blockchain technology within its eco-system.

• Fluz is a technology-based digital platform that generates passive income for participating consumers. It operates today in Colombia but is expected to spread internationally.

• In the ICO, FLUZ tokens that qualify for a Founder’s Node in their new global consumer network will be offered to the public.

• The app works based on the global trend of digital gift cards, making it environmentally friendly.

• The company will use elements from the Blockchain technology for tradability, security, and transparency within its network.

Fluz first launched in Colombia at the beginning of 2017. Since then, the company has had important growth in total users and commercial allies alike. Now tens of thousands so-called “Fluzzers” accumulate money while making daily purchases.

The company recognizes that consumers are seeking to spend responsibly and intelligently now more than ever. They want to be able to buy online, help the environment, save time and money, and even make money. Commercial noise around standard discounts are not enough anymore for savvy consumers and Fluz knows that.

Blockchain and ICO

Fluz announces the launch of the Fluz token or “FLUZ”, the central medium to acquire Founder’s Nodes in a newly formed global consumer network. Once a user accumulates enough Fluz they gain access to a premier seat. In the world of cryptocurrencies, an instrument known as ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is used to finance the development of new projects and protocols.

At the same time, Fluz plans the gradual adoption of Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology’s pervasive safety and transparency bring innumerable benefits to many companies. However, it will add value to Fluz in particular by ensuring the security and safe storage of gift cards, tradability of Fluz cash back rewards and transparency of network seat performance.

“This is a great opportunity for consumers to participate in our new global network backed by Blockchain technology. For the first time, consumers all over the world have the chance to bundle their purchasing power and generate passive income,” said Stefan Tobias Krautwald, Managing Director of Fluz.

All participants win

The main objective of Fluz is that everyone receives cash back. For retailers, it is an attractive way to acquire and retain customers in the omnichannel era. Fluz reaches commercial agreements with main retail brands in all categories (pharmacies, clothing, restaurants, services, etc.).

Permanent entry of merchants

With Fluz, consumers buy digital gift cards from any of the major participating retailers, including those in food, fashion, and technology. New brands and categories are constantly being added. Currently, the portfolio in Colombia already boosts > 3.000 retail POS accepting Fluz. In addition, our digital gift cards do not involve shipping or manufacturing costs and do not generate any type of plastic waste.

Buying and redeeming the gift card is easy

When purchasing, the consumer simply chooses the desired gift card amount and pays with credit card, debit card, or their Fluz balance. The person who receives the gift card must indicate that they are paying with a Fluz voucher at the time of purchase. The benefits generated by the purchase of gift cards can be redeemed in cash requested via bank transfer or in new gift cards from allied establishments. This guarantees that each user’s Fluz is available at any time and converting them in a truly liquid cash back reward.