New York, NY . – September 9, 2020 – Fluz, an innovative cash back app, has just released its Chrome extension which is accessible for friends, family and influencers.

In response to COVID, more people are shopping from their desktops. We wanted to build a product that would allow our already loyal members to earn from their desktops as well as when they are out at a store.

This Chrome extension launch allows the Fluz community to purchase gift card codes to pay at the stores they shop at straight from their browsers. This way they can get the instant cash back when buying from merchants available on the Fluz app.

The chrome extension will add additional cash back on top of any other cash backs or coupons chrome extensions users may already have. We purposely chose a different area of the user’s screen to place our extension to highlight this fact. Most cash back extensions are in the top right. Ours is in the bottom right so that a user can stack our cash back with any others the users may already have.

In order to use this extension, users will still need to register with the Fluz mobile application and add their payment methods in the Fluz app. Then they can use their Fluz account on the Chrome extension. Every transaction they make on the Chrome extension will be visible within their mobile app account.

We chose a chrome extension over a full desktop site because the purpose of Fluz is to be a payment method people can use when they are at any store. Fluz is the final step of the experience when paying at a retailer to receive cashbacks everytime.

Fluz’s chrome extension release is just the beginning. This year we’ve started working on our future. Fluz aims to allow the Fluz community to pay anywhere, providing wider coverage for receiving instant cash back. We will have an enhanced notification system so users will remember to use the chrome extension to save even more.