Fluz, New York FinTech Startup Opens Early Access to Cash Back App on App Store and Google Play  The cashback app allows users to gain cash through daily shopping routine with a new concept of incentive invitation.

New York, NY . – May 30, 2019 – Fluz, an innovative cash back app, has just released its beta version with early access for friends, family and influencers. During this pre-launch phase, new Members enjoy an early access opportunity to participate in Fluz prior to a full launch in the fall supported by a national PR campaign. The Fluz App builds upon the growing consumer excitement surrounding rewards through credit cards and cash back apps, but with a twist. Key to the Fluz difference is reinventing how consumers benefit from cash back. Fluz includes all of the benefits of current cash back programs and adds a network-based earnings model to allow its members to earn from a network of other shoppers in addition to their personal cash back.  The company’s mission is to create a new gig economy around cash back, rewards and word of mouth by creating a global community of buyers who benefit from expanded purchasing power while creating a new source of income through network earnings from everyday shopping.

Unlike the other cash back rewards, Fluz offers a lifetime benefit from its inviting system. Members earn money when they shop where they already shop and keep earning whenever their friends or friends’ friends shop.

“Fluz is about innovating the cash back rewards space, and this is just the beginning. We are committed to developing a new lifestyle,” said Maurice Harary, co-founder and CEO of Fluz. “Fluz conducted a proof of concept pilot in Columbia and it was a huge success. Now we are bringing the same innovative model home to the states.” Maurice is confident the same idea of collective earning and social influence will translate even better in the U.S market.


About Fluz,

Fluz is the ultimate cash back app changes the way people shop. It provides the new concept of passive income on purchases among your network.

When you invite your friends, you can earn more than ever. Only Fluz pays you for other people purchases. When you invite your best friend, they purchase anything and you both get paid and not just one time. Whenever you, your friends, or even their friends make a purchase you keep earning and they earn too. It’s how it works.

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Yuki Gu

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Visit Fluz site at https://fluz.app/ for more information

Try Fluz at https://qhw5.app.link/qoV1hr1I3W