We are constantly on the lookout for the brightest minds alive to help us on our journey to bring the Fluz brand onto the global stage. With the latest key addition now happily in the Fluz fold, we have more steam and momentum than ever to push that goal!

Please give a warm welcome to Micheal Rosen, who will be making significant personal commitments analyzing and advising Fluz on how we can become the greatest success the cash back and network marketing industries have ever seen. Michael will be replicating their success in network marketing through our innovative model.

Prior to Micheal’s position as Executive VP of Herbalife, he was the Founder and CEO of Shop Television Network which later became JCPenny Home Shopping Channel, and was later acquired by QVC. Micheal was also the Founder of United Postal Centers and has an extensive history of marketing and business acumen. At Herbalife, he was directly responsible for growing the monthly sales over 30 times in size. He also helped foster the culture and programming that encouraged dedication from all members. Micheal was the sole leader to expand their business to over 50 countries, and he will be helping build similar programs for the Fluz business. He can be quoted to say that he “has never seen anything with as much potential as Fluz in the last 40 years.”

With the expertise that Michael brings as a network marketing mogul, Fluz has a distinct and considerable advantage in our end goal of gaining complete and utter domination over all other cash back competitors. With his potent tactics, Michael has quite literally brought millions of dollars into the pockets of all the best affiliate marketers around. So it is not out of the question that these network marketers will be willing to follow Micheal’s footsteps again, right into the Fluz network.