New York, NY . – October 12, 2020 – Fluz, an innovative cashback app, recently launched on Product hunt with the intention of receiving early feedback from potential consumers.

The company’s launch on Product Hunt was a huge success. Fluz ranked first on Product Hunt which resulted in a spike of a 30% increase in their user base, practically overnight. This was exceptionally exciting to see particularly because it gave the company a clear sign of heading in the right direction for their customers.

The founder and CEO of Fluz commented “The Fluz story is many years in the making. We have been studying the consumer pains with mobile payments and rewards. We have been developing and refining the product over several years. We are incredibly grateful for Product Hunt giving us the opportunity to receive validation.”

The company has grown to more than 75,000 users, have accomplished a huge milestone by having given away $1,000,000 US dollars to the Fluz community. To their happy surprise, ranking first on Product Hunt was just the cherry on top!
In the future, Fluz has exciting plans to work with Product Hunt to feature future product releases.