February 2018

Fluz Tokens Trade on Exchanges

Hello Fluzzers,

We are happy to announce that as of now, Feb 27, 2018 Fluz tokens are unlocked and available for transfers and trading on all decentralized exchanges.

You can find the Fluz ED token listing here and IDEX listing here.

As much as we are happy for the token to unlock, we would like to encourage you to be careful with trading and make sure you have enough FLUZ tokens to activate your Premier Seat (10 000 FLUZ for Tier 2 and 20 000 FLUZ for Tier 1)!

Upcoming exchanges:

Recently we have come to an agreement with a large exchange for listing Fluz token in a couple of weeks. Of course, due to signed NDA, we cannot announce the precise day or the name of exchange before the actual day comes. In the upcoming weeks, our team will be running tests and investigation to make sure that the exchange on-boarding process is smooth, safe and without any hiccups. We have several exchanges in the final stages of the agreement so stay tuned for more updates!

Fluz Community Events in NYC

A meetup was held in New York City on February 6th, 2018 to discuss exciting developments, answer questions and absorb feedback directly from the community. This is a constant and rewarding process for both parties as the community members can have a look into our plans directly without intermediaries and we have a chance to get first-hand feedback. Take a look at the video below

Consensus NYC 2018

Were you at the biggest cryptocurrency event ever to take place in history? Consensus sure was a huge hit, and Fluz was eager to get in on some of the action. We had members of the community, including David Addleman, over for an open meeting where they meticulously picked our brains, asked some hard and fast questions, and walked away feeling more confident in Fluz than ever!
We love meeting with our Fluzzers, old and new. There really is nothing like a face-to-face to let everyone know we are legitimate, we are present, and we are not afraid to put our names and reputations behind the Fluz name. So please, at the next community meet and greet, take the time to come speak with us just like all of these wonderful people did.