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Side Hustle
even harder.

With a Power account, you can take your side hustle to the next level. Start taking advantage of our advanced tools to help grow your Fluz earnings.

Built for our businesses

Whether you are a merchant looking to grow your presence on Fluz or you are a leader looking to take your network earnings to the next level, the Fluz power portal is here to help.

Business Leader


As you begin building your business on Fluz, you can use the Fluz Power portal to supercharge your earnings. Instant access to tools for growing your Fluz business and spend those sweet earnings anywhere Visa Debit is accepted.


Offer special promotions to Fluz members. Track your activity in the app and connect with Fluz members.

Business Merchants

Business has its benefits

laptop 3
Access to our business
only Power Portal

Power members will have access to our web portal that is tailored to business payments and earnings.

Fluz EarnRewards
Earn 1.5% cashback everywhere Visa Debit is accepted

Power users get access to the digital Fluz commercial Visa cards. You can spend them with all of their Fluz earnings and even their own money too.

coins perk
Load up a balance
on Fluz

You can and use that for all your Fluz spending. You can transfer that to anyone on the Fluz app

Rewards you’ll actually use

We’ve carefully selected discounts and Rewards from leading partners to help get your business up and running. We’re adding new Rewards all the time.

Notion logo web 1

$1,000 in Notion credits

Aws logo web

Up to $100,000 in AWS credits

Hubspot logo web 2

90% off your first year with Hubspot

No Risk.
All Reward.

No monthly fees, sign up fees, hidden fees or contracts. No personal credit checks or founder guarantees. You just need to have a registered US business in order to qualify.

Build Your Credit 5

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No fees to upgrade to a Fluz business account

Apply easily. No sign up-fees, monthly fees or hidden fees. No credit checks or personal guarantees.

Roll Out In Minutes

Get set up, generate virtual cards and start spending in less than 5 minutes.

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Get live support

Our experts are standing by to help you troubleshoot or offer guidance anytime you need it.

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Compliant software
you can trust

Fluz abides by PCI security standards to ensure that all sensitive credit card information is processed, transmitted, and stored securely.

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Rest easy with data encryption

Encryption at rest and in motion. Your valuable financial and employee data is constantly protected in multiple ways.


How do I get a Fluz business account

Apply through this link. We will require you to submit your business documents as part of the application process. We will also require you to submit identification documents for all owners with more than 10% of the company.

I already have a Fluz account, can I also get a Fluz business account

Once you are approved for a Fluz business account, we will convert your primary account to a Fluz Business account. You will then have full access to all exclusive perks for Fluz Business account holders.

How much can I spend with a Fluz business account

You can spend up to $250,000 per day with a Fluz business account.
Please note other limits will still apply.

How much does it cost to get a Fluz business account

There are no fees to register a Fluz business account. There are no membership fees associated with a Fluz business account. There are no monthly fees for having a Fluz business account. There is no minimum spend or minimum balance requirement for a Fluz business account.

How does it work if I have multiple owners on my business.

We will need you to submit the identification documents for each owner of the business that holds more than 10%. Don’t worry, our application process will allow you to list the other owners and even automatically email them the form to submit their identification.

I have not yet formed an entity. Can I still get a Fluz business account?

Unfortunately we will require you to have formed your entity before we can open your Fluz business account. Part of the application process requires us to collect your business documents.

I already verified my identity in the Fluz app. Do I need to do it again for the business application.

Yes you will need to resubmit your full identification again as part of the Fluz business application process. We are working on developing the streamlined system to collect all information in the Fluz application.
At that point, you will not need to resubmit the same identification information.