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20% cashback

just for you.

Be ready to ride to your next party with Uber, treat yourself to delivery with DoorDash, and/or get to gifting at Target. It’s your choice. You get up to 20% cashback immediately when you buy a Gift Card with Fluz App.

You pick where:

You’ll even get $10 in total extra cash from Fluz – $5 just for setting up your account and 2x $2.50 cashback boosts. Valid where merchants accept USD gift cards for payment.

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Here’s how Fluz gives you
up to 20% cashback



Sign up for Fluz using the code on this page, and create your account to unlock your exclusive offer.



Buy your Gift Card by adding a payment method and tapping “Review” then “Confirm Payment



Fluz gives you your rewards right away - no waiting for a check in the mail! Your Cashback will be in your Fluz Wallet in seconds.



If you picked Uber, just tap the black button to add your funds to your Uber/Uber Eats app.

If you picked Target or Doordash, it's easy to copy and paste into the app.

Don't worry - Fluz App securely stores all of your Gift Cards, so you can shop instore or online at your leisure. Just go to your initial in the top left corner & pick Access Gift Cards from the menu.

Pick your offer?

Redeeming your gift card code is easy. Just copy from Fluz into your app under the Payments >
Gift Cards section or refer to the instructions in Fluz App.


What is Fluz App?

At Fluz, we believe everybody deserves better cashback than credit cards can offer.  That’s why we’ve made shopping with Gift Cards easy.  

We never charge membership fees – we’re all about giving you money!

You can get paid by Fluz:

  • When you shop with our Gift Cards, right from your phone
  • When you share Fluz with friends – $5 for every referral*
  • When your Friends use Fluz – we give you a Royalty payment every time your friend buys something with Fluz!
  • When you unlock challenges – get Boosts and cash by using Fluz more and referring more friends – up to $35k in total bonuses!

*Must be qualified by spending $15 in Fluz

How does Fluz App give me Cashback?

Discover the savings hack of shopping with Gift Cards.  We make it easy – no worries about lost gift cards or having too much or too little balance.  Everything is right there on your phone.

  • Use our Gift Cards to top up your favorite apps – Amazon, Starbucks, Uber, Doordash, Walmart.  We’ve got them all.  You get cashback 
  • You can also pay in-store with Fluz by simply buying a gift card for the exact amount of your purchase (we even give you cashback on your tax!) and showing the barcode in our app to the cashier.

Do I have to use my gift card right away?

Get that cashback now, spend on your schedule.  Once you have your gift card, think of it like store credit.  You can add it to the merchant’s app if they have one (like Uber or Walmart), spend it right away in-store or online, or we’ll keep track of it in Fluz so you can use it later.

How does Fluz Reward me when I tell my friends about it?

At Fluz, we believe in paying people and helping everybody max their money.  That’s why we reward our Members with cash.

  • Get $5 for every new qualified* Fluz member you refer – no limit, no cap.  Invite 5 friends?  Get $25 for sending a few text messages!**  Invite 5,000 social media followers?  Get $25,000.

  • But wait… there’s more.  Unlock Referral Challenges to add even more cash to your $5 referral bonuses.  Stacking these bonuses can get you $35,000+ by referring 2,500 friends.

  • Keep the rewards coming with Fluz Royalties – whenever one of your referrals (and their referrals, too) uses Fluz, you get a “thank you.”  Learn more here:


*New Fluz member must spend at least $15 in Fluz

**Message and Data Rates Apply

Still have questions?

Read more about how to earn with Fluz App here