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We built Fluz to make it super easy for everyone to maximize their money. For people like you who want to turn it into a juicy sidehustle, that means it’s extra-easy to turn the people you invite into active members. Here’s why:


The reason we’re all here in the first place. Add Fluz into your daily routine from everyday spends to big-ticket buys — and get up to 25% cashback.

Referral bonuses

When people sign up with your link
and start using Fluz, you both get $5.

Boosts for

Boosts take it up a level: get 25% cashback on
the first $10 of a gift card spend at select stores.
Everyone gets two boosts when they sign up.

Fluz Parties

Big events where everyone in your network gets to shop at a store, with big discounts and higher cashback rates.


Get bonuses when you spend, bonuses when you earn. From special promos to milestones and spend-based challenges, it all racks up.