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Fluz Referral Incentives

Your Guide to Earning Beyond Cashback by Sharing Fluz

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Life on Fluz. Just like real life but more rewarding.

Fluz’s mission is to deliver value to our members for each transaction – regardless of who they are.  Fluz members can earn a minimum of 1.5% cashback on everything, up to 10% at major brands, and 25% to 50% at special moments. 

Fluz is the collaborative earnings app that rewards members for their everyday purchases, all with no minimum spends, minimum balance, or limits on earnings. It’s where having friends pays, literally, as members are rewarded for helping their friends (and their friends) make smarter financial choices. All with no commitment, no monthly/annual fees, or any interest. This is Fluz: cashback from every direction and every connection.

Most people live in a world where cashback and rewards programs are exclusive: only those with a top credit score and $500 a year for fees and minimum spends can realize compelling rewards from their everyday spending. Things are a lot more fun with Fluz. In our world, everyone gets premium quality rewards, without the monthly or annual fees. We beat the average 1% cashback from exclusive rewards cards with at least 1.5% on everything, too. Grow your cash balance just by spending — all without a credit check or any fees of any kind.

We pay our members to Share Fluz

Fluz rewards our members for helping their friends, families, and those they influence take their spending further.  Fluz encourages and rewards members in building a network of Fluz users – rewarding referral and earning of cashback forever. 

Our Commitment to Transparency

We want earning money from sharing Fluz to be risk-free. You don’t need to sell anything, pay any fees, or purchase any inventory.  Just recommend Fluz to new members and help them continue earning cashback, and rewards may flow to you.


Important terms used in our Referral Rewards programs.

1-time Card: A single-use, virtual Mastercard generated securely in your Fluz app that works exactly like a debit card. Use your 1-time cards to shop at most online stores or wherever Mastercard is accepted. Set your own spending limit on each card. Just remember that card number is valid for 24 hours for security. It can only be used once, so if the number is stolen or compromised after your transaction, you are totally protected.

Autofill: The automated placement of Fluz members into your network to help you build your network — and your earnings — even faster. Autofill members come to Fluz without being referred.

Cashback: The money deposited into your Fluz balance whey you make a purchase using Fluz. The cashback rate for each store is visible in Fluz at the time of your purchase.  The total cashback amount you earn is the rate multiplied times the value of the transaction.

​​Degree: How Fluz connects its members by referral relationships. Each member has two slots on their first degree, four on their second, and so forth up to the fifth degree with 32 members. Once each member on a degree has two (2) members below them, the degree is considered complete and another degree is added.  

Fluz global network: The collective network of all Fluz members.

Fluz member: Someone who has created an account in the Fluz app.

Active account: A Fluz member must have a qualified account and spend at least $25 in transaction volume or invite a new member over a rolling six (6) calendar month period to maintain a valid account.

Qualified account: A Fluz member who has qualified their account with the following activity:

  • Must spend at least $25 in total on Fluz
  • Must have at least 2 transactions 
  • Must complete criteria 1 and 2 within 30 days of enrolling

Royalties eligible account: A Fluz member who has achieved the MAX 100 royalty level in a given month by spending at least $10 in a month is eligible to earn royalties. 

Fluz Party: A savings event in which members save more together. When the number of members shopping in a Fluz Party increases, the cash back rate increases. For example, a Fluz Party may offer a minimum of 15% cash back at a specific merchant. Everybody saves at least 15% when they shop. If the total amount purchased by members reaches the party goal, then everybody—even those who already completed their purchase—get 30% cash back. 

Personal referral: Friends you’ve referred to Fluz. The members in your referral network that you personally invited to join Fluz. These are your direct invites.

Indirect referrals: Friends of friends. The members in your referral network that your friends invited. These are your indirect invites, which can also include autofilled members.

Inviter: The Fluz member who has invited another member to join Fluz in their network.

Royalty level: A status attained each month by a Fluz member, based on the following:

Monthly personal transaction volume
: The amount a Fluz member spends with eligible merchants each calendar month.

Monthly qualified personal referrals:
The count of new members referred by a member who become qualified in each monthly period.

Lifetime qualified personal referrals
: The count of new members referred who have become qualified over the referring member’s entire lifetime with Fluz.

Locked royalties: The difference between ALL of the royalties generated by your networks’ purchases in a given month and what you’ve qualified to earn. To unlock the earnings, you simply achieve a higher royalty level by making everyday purchases with Fluz or by inviting qualified new members. For example, if your network has 350 transactions for the month but you are a MAX 100 member, you are eligible to earn royalties on up to 100 transactions only. In this example, 250 transactions will be “locked” until you reach a higher royalty level. 

Money maxers: The people in our community. These are Fluz members who love taking their money further and living life on max.

Network: A Fluz member’s referral network. It is built using the 2×5 forced matrix structure. It can be made up of 63 members (including you) spread out across five degrees. Once you complete your network with 63 members, you just need to refer a new member to get another network to fill in. You’ll never run out of spots for new referrals if you continue to personally refer new members. Fluz sorts all this out behind the scenes. You do not have to take any action other than inviting people to join Fluz. 

Network shuffling: The movement of the members in your network when one becomes inactive. When a member in your network is no longer active, they will be removed from the network. This will create an empty spot in which a new member can be placed. This helps keep your network active and increases your royalties by removing accounts that do not contribute to your earnings.

Purchaser: A Fluz member or network member who has purchased from a Fluz merchant partner in the Fluz app. A purchase is what creates cashback rewards and referral incentives.

Qualified personal referral: An individual who received and accepted an invite from a Fluz member, and successfully completed the requirements to have a qualified account.

Invite bonus: The bonus paid to the inviter (the person who invited the new member) when a new member becomes qualified by processing at least two (2) transactions that add up to at least $25 combined.

Royalties: The rewards paid to Fluz members on every purchase a member in their network makes, provided the Fluz member is eligible to earn them.

Spot: The space or slot for members in a referral network. There are sixty-three (63) spots in one network.

Stacking: Layering different rewards (gift cards, discount codes, coupons, multiple savings platforms etc.) to get more money off a purchase.

Standard gift card retailers: The stores featured on the app where you can get up to 25% cashback on a single transaction.

Store: A business accepting Fluz as a payment method, either in-store or online. Also referred to as merchants.

Transaction volume: The total amount in US Dollars including tax and fees paid to merchants or stores for goods and services on the Fluz network.


Earning referral bonuses

There’s no limit to how many referral bonuses you can get because there’s no limit on how many new members you can refer to Fluz. Whether you’re inviting friends from the neighborhood or promoting Fluz through the content you share on social media, you’re rewarded for your social influence.

$5 referral bonus

Everyone you invite has the potential to earn you a $5 referral bonus, but specific conditions need to be met. The new Fluz member you refer needs to be qualified within 30 days. Your referral must transact at least $25 within 30 days of creating their Fluz account.

$5 account setup bonus

We want everybody to benefit when a new member joins Fluz.  Each new member may earn $5 just for setting up their Fluz account. 

New members can earn their $5 bonus by completing the account setup checklist in the app. Here’s what they need to do:

Setup Item


Link at least one bank account

Link and verify the preferred ACH or debit card account to the app.  

Activate push notifications

Allow notifications from the Fluz app for the latest promos, new features, and network updates. 

Add birthdate

Adding a birthdate helps Fluz with account verification.

Set your Credit Building Preferences

Tell us if you want Fluz to report positive news to credit bureaus when you make purchases.  There is no hard inquiry or negative impact to your credit for using this feature, but it’s not required to get your $5 bonus.

Learn about the benefits

Learn from short videos about how to use and make the most of Fluz


Ongoing rewards when those you’ve referred (and those they’ve referred) use Fluz

There’s no cap on how big your network can grow, or how many people you can invite. As long as you’re actively using Fluz each month, you’ll earn royalties with everyone as they earn cashback. 

When you refer new Fluz members, and they refer new members, too, you develop a network of connections. We call each connection between members in the Fluz community a “degree of connection.” You earn a royalty — a percentage of the cashback reward — for each transaction made in your network. This happens for everyone in your network, up to five (5) degrees of connection. Please see the “Network” section of this document for more information about how Fluz networks are structured.

Three ways to build your network: 

  • Your personal referrals: These are new members that you have personally invited to join Fluz. When they enroll, they will be connected to you by following your referral link or including your referral code at registration.
  • Additional connections: These are new members referred by members you’ve referred, and so forth.  Fluz connects members just like social networking sites or LinkedIn – up to five degrees of connection.  When members in your network refer others, your network grows too because you’re all connected.
  • Autofill: New Fluz members who just signed up without being referred by another member can be randomly placed into your network. The number of autofill members placed varies and depends on how many sign up directly with Fluz.

Everybody you personally refer goes into your network, and everybody in your network earns you the same royalty rate. They earn cashback. You earn a royalty for helping them take their money further. Everybody benefits.

Royalty levels 

The more you use Fluz and the more you refer, the more transactions in your network become available for you to earn on. Royalties are paid based on the amount of your transactions and the number of your personal referrals. These factors determine your royalty level. 

The number of transactions from your network you can earn royalties from depends on three (3) factors:

  • Personal transaction volume: This is how much you use Fluz for your everyday purchases in a particular month.
  • Monthly qualified personal referrals: This is the number of new members* you invite in a given month.  
  • Lifetime qualified personal referrals: This is the number of  qualified members* you’ve referred since you joined Fluz.

The Royalty Levels and their qualifications are shown below. To be eligible for royalties, you must at least be at the MAX 100 royalty level. Each member must meet or exceed all three (3) factors to qualify for a given level. The table below shows the minimum requirements that must be met or exceeded for each Royalty level.

Royalty Level 

MAX 100

MAX 250





MAX 100K

Monthly personal transaction volume








Monthly qualified personal referrals





Lifetime qualified personal referrals








*Member must qualify by making one or more transactions of least $25 combined. The new member counts toward your qualification in the month they qualify (not necessarily the same as the date they join).

How to earn royalties based on your Royalty Level

Each royalty level unlocks more transactions you can earn from. The benefit of reaching a higher royalty level is earning on more and more transactions from your referral network. When you reach the highest level, you can earn royalties from up to 100,000 transactions in your network. 

Eligible transactions are on a first-processed, first-earned basis. You earn from a transaction based on the order in which it’s completed and processed, up to the number of eligible transactions.

Membership Level

MAX 100

MAX 250





MAX 100K

Eligible transactions from your network








Ultimately, the amount earned in royalties will depend on your royalty level, network size, and Fluz usage.

  • Maintain your royalty level by actively referring to unlock the most transactions from your network, and by using Fluz for everyday shopping
  • Grow your network size by referring new members and encouraging your network to do the same
  • Encourage Fluz usage by highlighting incredible deals, new merchants, challenges, and in-app experiences as well as inviting members to Fluz Parties

You will be paid on the first of the following month based on how many transactions your network had and what you were eligible to earn. 

Royalty rates

Gift Card Merchants: Each transaction in your network with a standard Gift Card merchant generates the highest royalty rate.  For these transactions, each of the five members in the network (including you) shares a total of 1.5% of the transaction. That works out to 0.3% each. 

Exempt Merchants and One-Time Card Transactions: When someone in your network uses 1-time cards or pays at an exempt gift card retailer, the five (5) members connected to them in the network share a total of 0.25% cashback as their earnings from the purchase or 0.05% each. 

To qualify for the best cashback rates, encourage people in your network to use their Fluz balance or bank account. When members this way, they get more from every purchase. 

Important notes:

Peer-to-peer payments and balance top-ups will not generate any royalties.

A limited number of merchants are referred to as “exempt merchants.”  For these merchants, 0.25% of the transaction is generated for royalties. To see this list, go to our help center and search for “exempt merchants.” 

Royalty Streaks

With Fluz, not only do you get royalties from other people’s purchases in your network, you can also get a bonus when you have a “royalty streak” — that’s when you unlock a new royalty level and maintain it for three (3) consecutive calendar months.

You earn a one-time cash reward of up to $1,000 each time you reach your highest-yet royalty level and you maintain it (or higher) for three (3) consecutive calendar months. These bonuses may be combined if you advance multiple Royalty Levels at the same time.

You can earn a total of $1,830 if you advance all the way to MAX 100K. There’s no time limit, hidden rules, or “gotchas” — just get that royalty level and keep it (or higher) for 3 calendar months in a row.

Membership Level

Cash Bonus

MAX 250










MAX 100K




The royalty streak bonus will be paid with your royalty payment for the third consecutive month you have qualified. Each royalty streak bonus may be earned only one time per account, since it pays for reaching and maintaining a level for the first time. If you don’t maintain your royalty level for three (3) consecutive months, you can always have another try. Get back to your highest level to restart your streak. You will earn your bonus once you’ve held that level or higher for at least 3 months.


Active Fluz members in your network help you earn through royalties on their purchases. As soon as a member in your network becomes inactive by not spending at least $25 or by not inviting a new member within six (6) months from their last activity, we remove them from your network. The empty spot may be replaced by another member through autofill, by inviting a new member, or when a connection invites another member. This keeps your network more productive and supports higher royalties for you.

If a member that went inactive returns to activity, they will be back in your network, just not in the same spot as before. They’ll still be connected to you and you’ll still earn royalties when they come back.

Only the inactive members in your network will be shuffled out; their referrals will stay in the same spot in your network. 

Keep your referral network 

The only thing you need to do to keep your referral network is to maintain an active account. To do keep your network, you must spend at least $25 in personal transaction volume or invite a new member in the prior rolling six (6) calendar months. Every time you meet the requirements, your account’s timeframe will be reset.

If you do happen to go inactive, you won’t have access to your referral royalties. But you can still earn cashback from your own purchases, earn the $5 Referral Bonus, and reactivate any time. However, if you do reactivate, you will lose the network of referrals you’ve developed. Staying active by using Fluz at least every few months will be important to ensuring you keep earning royalties.


How a Fluz Personal Network Builds

At Fluz, everyone has the power to invite as many people as they can. Once you complete setting up your account, you can start referring and building your network. We use a unique approach to network building that stays true to our mission of rewarding people for helping their friends make smart purchases.

Objectives of This Structure:

  • You get credit for everybody you invite
  • Everybody in your network contributes to your royalties at the same rate
  • You can grow your network indefinitely as long as you keep inviting

The referral network structure is a unique two (2) legs and five (5) degrees model, where each member has two (2) available spots immediate to them up until five (5) degrees. A full network has sixty-three (63) members, including you. It will allow you to earn from the sixty-two (62) other members. But it doesn’t stop there.

Once each member’s two (2) spots are filled, the system will place any new member in the next available slot.

A new network may open once all spots are filled, giving you the chance to have multiple networks. This will allow you to earn more through Fluz Referral Royalties and other bonuses. It all happens behind the scenes, so just know that you’ll get credit for everybody you refer and you’ll never run out of space if you refer new members.

Members Per Degree

Total members in Your Network




First Degree



Second Degree



Third Degree



Fourth Degree



Fifth Degree



All your earnings from your network are at a flat rate. A member’s placement in your network will not affect how much you earn from their purchases. You will earn the same amount from a purchase, whether the member is in the first or fifth degree.

Building Multiple Networks

You have the power to earn more with an unlimited number of networks. Once your first network is full, simply refer a new member to get a new one. And another one after that.

When a new network is created, new invitations will go to that network. If there are any open slots in previous networks, those will be filled before any invitations go to the additional networks.

New networks work the same way as your first and original network. The only difference is that your succeeding networks will give you more chances of earning royalties.

Unlocking Royalties

Your earnings in the Fluz app, throughout each month, will show up as either “pending” or “locked.”

  • Pending Royalties: These are royalties from transactions you are eligible to earn on based on your royalty level.  They are “pending” because they will be paid out on the first of the following month. 
  • Locked Royalties:  These are Royalties that you are NOT yet eligible to earn.  You have more transactions in your Network than your Royalty Level allows you to earn from.  

To unlock Royalties, you must advance your Royalty Level.  Each membership level has a set amount of transactions that you can earn from—the higher the Royalty Level, the more transactions you are eligible to earn from.

The requirements for unlocked earnings are reset on the first of each calendar month, because you must earn a royalty level for each calendar month.

Adjustments & Refunds

From time to time, transactions in your network may be canceled, blocked for security reasons, or refunded.

When transactions in your network are canceled or refunded, it will reduce your transaction count and/or transaction volume. This may impact your royalty level, challenge progress, royalty payout, and any other incentives or bonuses. We highly recommend exceeding the minimum requirements for each royalty level in event of any canceled transactions.

If one of your referrals’ accounts must be closed due to policy or security concerns, that may also impact your qualification for incentives.  

Withdrawing Your Earnings

The best thing about Fluz is that you earn real rewards and real money. As soon as you earn a total of $16 through cashback rewards, special bonuses, and referral royalties, you can cash it out. Send your money to your bank account, PayPal, Venmo, or a friend on the Fluz app. Earnings may also be redeemed for gift cards with Fluz merchants.

Important Notes:  

  • All earnings are subject to review. Any attempt to game, manipulate, or maximize a program through deceptive or unethical conduct may result in withholding of payment, deduction of prior payments from future earnings, or require a member to repay earnings. Please refer to the Member Agreement for additional details.
  • Any examples shown in this document are hypothetical. Your results will vary from these examples based on your own personal circumstances, your use of Fluz, your referral activity, the size of your network, and the activity within your network.
  • When discussing potential earnings with prospective or current members, please do not guarantee a level of income or provide personal testimonials. Please use official Fluz-produced literature and assets.
  • Fluz will prepare a typical earnings statement for members each year once data is available. This will be located in the Fine Print section of our website. It will show how much typical members earned from Fluz’s referral incentive programs, including those with no purchase or referral activity.