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Wallet CashFlowAnywhere T

Let your cash

flow anywhere

Let your

cash flow


There are so many terrific ways to use your cash balance with our app. Spend it anywhere Mastercard is accepted, and your rewards will be deposited right back. Send money to friends, and withdraw anytime you want. No fees, of course.

Balance: $64.92. +$2.86 purchase at Uber
We’re talkin’ real money here

When we talk about cashback, we mean cash. Not points that test your math skills, patience and time. When you earn with Fluz, you earn money that’s yours to do what you like with.

cash transfers

There's no need to wait days to use your money, we'll put cash straight into your account when you deposit to Fluz. And when you earn, you'll always get your cashback straight to your account. Instantly.

+$2,000.00 instant access
Updated balance: $64.92. $25.86 purchase at adidas
See where all your money goes

Fluz let's you easily monitor your money too. See where you've earned, saved and spent it. All from one place.

Rest assured.

Deposits insured.

You can relax after you put money into the app. Every cent you deposit is held by regulated banks with FDIC insurance for deposits up to $250,0004. Whatever you deposit remains secure in the unlikely event that the bank becomes insolvent.


Banking Services provided by Metropolitan Commercial Bank, Members FDIC. The deposits held in the digital wallet are secured with Metropolitan Bank's FDIC insurance. This covers deposits up to $250,000 held at Metropolitan Commercial Bank. Click here for more information about FDIC Insurance. Fluz does not have FDIC insurance. Fluz is not holding customer deposits. Fluz rewards are not insured by FDIC.

Instant deposits.

Here’s how:

Instant deposits. Here’s how:

Fluz makes waiting for money a thing of the past.

Step 1

Enter the amount you want to deposit

Step 2

Select your funding source

Step 3

Access your money instantly on Fluz

Step 4

Monitor your activity in
real time

Step 1

Enter the amount you want to deposit
Enter the amount you
want to deposit
See where you stand with
real-time tracking.

Step 2

Select your
funding source
Select your funding source

Step 3

Access your money instantly on Fluz
Access your money instantly on Fluz

Step 4

Monitor your activity
in real time
Monitor your activity in real time

No fees or credit

checks either

We’re not into sneaky fees, risky credit checks, sign-your-life away commitments or debt you can’t shake off. We’re here for one thing and one thing only: to help you maximize your money.


What verification do I have to do for this product?

We will require either a SSN or ITIN or a Government issued ID to use this product.  We require a US legal address to use this product. We also require you to be above 18 years old. For access to our Fluz for business product, you will need to also have a full verified business.

Where are the funds held?

Funds deposited to the Fluz Cash Balance are held at Metropolitan Commercial Bank in the name of the person making the deposit.  Fluz does not have access to those funds. FDIC Insurance is provided by Metropolitan Commercial Bank.

When does my instant access reset?

Fluz will provide you with up to $2,000 in instant access at any given time. Once those funds settle, you will be granted access to an additional $2,000 in instant access deposits. It takes 3 business days for funds to settle into Fluz.

What are the limits for withdrawals?

You can withdraw up to $10,000 per day or $250,000 per day if you have a verified business account.  Please note if you are withdrawing to a gift card, you are still subject to the merchant level limits on that gift card.